I have been quilting and sewing for over 30 years. I started sewing as a teenager and never stopped. Both of my Grandmothers were quilters. 


Quilts are special to me because what I make can be handed down for generations. It is exciting to think how many people will end up with my quilts. They seem to last forever.


Every baby quilt I make gives me joy to know that some little baby will be nice and warm snuggled under my quilts. When you sleep under a quilt you sleep under a blanket of love!


The T-shirt quilts are such a great memory of events taken place. With a monogrammed block on the back stating time frame of wearing the shirts and other important information. Something you can share with your family for generations to come.


I love designing putting colors together and ending up with something beautiful.  I have a creating mind; I am always thinking of new projects


My husband and I are retired so I spend my time in my sewing room and tending to my large vegetable garden.


I am alway adding items that I have made in my showcase, so come back often and see my new things